Physical Therapists

Bob Martin P.T.

Bob Martin has been working in the physical therapy field for 28+ years in industrial injury and workers comp, sports medicine, athletics and outpatient/ortho environment. Bob was head therapist under Gary Brown PT in the early 1990's for the START Clinics (sports therapy and rehab training), which were home based in Santa Cruz, CA and also had satellite clinics in Salinas, Monterey & Watsonville. Bob is currently the physical therapy director for Cypress Health Care which includes the Urgent Care clinics and Doctors on Duty PT departments in the Bay area. Bob was a nutrition major before going into physical therapy. His background in athletics includes competitive drug-free bodybuilder for the IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) in 1985-86, competitive drug-free powerlifter with the ADFPA (American Drug Free Powerlifting Association), the USPF (United States Powerlifting Federation, and the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) from 1987-Present. Bob still holds the CA state deadlift record for 275 lb class, and was CA state drug-free powerlifting champion in that class for many years. Bob grew up in Hawaii and other lifelong sports interests include surfing, bodyboarding and martial arts (Kung-Fu & Aikido). He also played soccer and basketball, along with football through college level. He has personally rehabbed various sports related injuries including a (R) shoulder grade III acromio-clavicular sprain and rotator cuff injury, (L) shoulder rotator cuff injury with 25% partial tears of the supra and infraspinatus tendons and bicipital tendon injury (all tendons healed without surgery). (R) shoulder arthroscopy (2016) with spur removal and removal of the acromio-clavicular joint, (L) shoulder arthroscopy (2016) with spur removal and partial bursa removal, 2 lumbar disc injuries with sciatica, multi-level thoracic disc degeneration, (R) lower leg compartment syndrome with 2 surgeries and 2 skin graft procedures. His ability to return to competitive powerlifting at a national level after these injuries provides much credibility to his rehab methods, which often vary from conventional physical therapy progressions when appropriate and necessary.